20.30 Uhr
Lesung   Der Präsident der Vereinigten Staaten #3. LESEBÜHNE im Schokoladen.


"Der Präsident der Vereinigten Staaten landet in Berlin und der Schokoladen hat den roten Teppich an die Wand geklebt. Unsere Bühne: prall gefüllt trotz Fastenzeit! Pussy Write, Torben Schreiber, Kay Mantueffel, Marcus WR Heim und ein Preview vom Heiligen Geist. Kommt rum, trinkt ein Bier mit uns, bringt alle eure Freunde mit oder macht euch neue.
Euer Präsident"

Mo 26.03.2018
19.00 Uhr
Musik   The Dead President (Skapunk/RUS) + DeeCracks (Punkrock/ Wien) presented by Punkfilmfest Berlin Booking

The Dead Presidentdoor 7 pm, show 8 pm (danach Strange Tunes On Monday)
Punkfilmfest Berlin in April!The Dead President – Moscow Antifa Ska Core band was confirmed in October of 2009. Recorded and did 5 LP releases, the last LP “ Religions of world supremacy” released by English music label Horn & Hoof records in 2016. The Dead President played a lot of concerts in Russia with many punks and Oi bands as Stage Bottless, Pestpocken, Total Chaos, Acidez. Played in Europe 30 concerts during 3 years.


Di 27.03.2018
20.30 Uhr
Lesung   LSD - Liebe Statt Drogen

Anschliessend: LAUT UND BILLIG - Der Wilde Gitarren Tresen
Micha, Volker, Uli, Tube, Spider, Ivo und Sascha präsentieren Geschichten, Lieder und Gäste.

Mi 28.03.2018
19.00 Uhr
Musik   thirsty & miserable: KURWS (Math-Rock/Jazz-Punk, Wrocław/PL) + Kettenkasten (Math-/Noiserock, Berlin)

kurwsdoors 19:00 - show 20:00
(the) Kurws have formed in May 2008 as an unexpected result of a ping pong session. Since then together they pursue their own search, not as much in areas of defined genres, but within the very foundations of rock “base”, expression and sound. It is a workshop, where improvisations penetrate through composed material, which seems to be a congealed form of the creation process. Armed with repetitions, recombinations, variations and contrasts, they frolic with memory and expectations. Post punk, krautrock, rock in opposition, funk, no wave - modes of playing, motives, riffs we heard time and time again, are being here presented in a totally different context - they are dissected from their original environment, placed side by side, used in a brand new manner, deconstructed and distilled.

Their debut album “Hole in the ghetto” (released in a “joint venture” by Qulturap, Oficyna Biedota, Trująca Fala, Blinded) came out in 2011 and it bid its release in the US by Bat Shit Records. In the meantime, in 2012, they created Pustostany (released in 2017 on vinyl by Sweet Rot Records) - an emphemeral band with Maciek Salamon from the bands Gówno and Nagrobki as vocalist. In 2014 a second album of the Kurws, entitled “Wszystko co stałe rozpływa się w powietrzu" / “All that is solid melts into air” was released on CD by Gusstaff Records(CD) and in Spring 2015 on vinyl (Gaffer Records/ Red Wig records & tapes). Same year it’sbecome a record of a day at WFMU radio. In September 2017 the band has published their third album entitled “Alarm“ on CD (by Gustaff Records once again), its LP release has materialized November same year (cooperatevely by Red Wig, Mon Cul C’est Du Tofu? and Jacob Records).

During nearly 10 years of existance the band has played numerous gigs throughout Europe. In August 2017 They’ve toured extensively Russia, literaly through all the continent – from St. Petersburg to Vladivostock. The band also apears in documentary „Do It Together” about independent music scene around the world.

The band still consider themselfs as faithful henchmen of DIY principles.

"As their fellow contemporaries, Kurws's music is hard to pinpoint, is more than the influences they draw, its a crazy and abstract collage between punk, free jazz with no wave undertones. Polish weirdos arent afraid to incorporate atonal melodies, sharp guitar attacks and some kind of noir atmosphere that makes "Wszystko co stałe rozpływa się w powietrzu" a engaging listen. All in all, its a demanding album that will please "experimental music" lovers, highly recommended, dig." (the Elementary Revolt)

Kurws is a punk-jazz collective based in Wrocław, Poland, which is as eclectic as the city itself, combining minimalist rhythms of Krautrock with ear-splitting harsh saxophone freakouts à la Kaoru Abe and a penchant for a truly punk punch somewhere between The Flying Luttenbachers and ZS.“ (Tiny Mix Tapes)

Do 29.03.2018
19.00 Uhr
Musik   little league shows & rood woof recs prsnt: EUPHORIC ELEFANTS (garage, bln) + CRYSTAL METH PET GORE (psych/rock/noise, bln)

ROOD WOOF and Little League Shows Present:



Euphoric Elephants (Garage/Bln)

Berliner Rock Band, formed in 2014.
Chucky Limon (Gtr, Vocals)
Sebas Le Metronome (Bass
Lucas Von (Drums/Percussion)

Crystal Meth Pet Gore (Billycrystalgrunge/Bln)

Crystal Meth Pet Gore formed in 2012 and is comprised of:
Frank: Guitar/Vocals
Shelly: Bass/Vocals
Lenni: Drums


Doors at 19:00 (-:

Fr 30.03.2018
19.00 Uhr
Musik   Süper!Nice!: Hey Ruin + Kosmonovski

HEY RUIN + Kosmonovski / Schokoladen

HEY RUIN machen Bindestrich Indie mit deutschen , aber schlauen Texten. Auf ihrer facebook Page steht, dass sie aus Köln kommen und nun mit ihrem neuen Album ("POLY", This Charming Man Records) auf Tour gehen.
Am 30.03. machen sie zusammen mit Kosmonovski (auch TCM, auch NRW, aber Rheine) Halt in einer der bekannteren Provinzstädte (Berlin Mitte). Wir freuen uns drauf!



30.03. Schokoladen
Auf: 19:00
Musik 19:30

Aftershow: 22:00

Sa 31.03.2018
19.00 Uhr
Musik   Gostmaker (Alternative Noise Rock/Bln)

after Showparty DJ Doc Webster (Punk/RockBlues/Soul u. Rock'n'roll)
GHOSTMAKER, eine Band gegründet im Herbst 2015 mitten im Berliner Untergrund.
Die ersten Demosessions starteten sofort und zeichneten sehr schnell einen eigenen Stil ab.
Als Vergleich diente immer wieder Musik aus den 80er/ Früh 90er Jahren oder Musik die damals unter dem Genre “Alternative Nation”, “Indie Gitarren Rock” oder“Post Punk” lief. Bei GHOSTMAKER werden zusätzlich Einflüsse aus Blues oder Blues Noise eingesetzt.

So 01.04.2018
20.30 Uhr
Party   Karaoke Nacht mit Kj DER KÄPT’N

... und den Schokis
KJ Der Käpt'n kommt mit einem fetten Angebot aus allen nationalen und internationalen Künstlern!
Der Abend hat schon lange Kultcharakter und ist zum Kreischen fröhlich, generations- und sozialübergreifend und warmherzig...!
Eine der schönsten Bühnen Berlins & ein perfekter Monitor- und Raumsound besorgen den Rest!
Singen macht halt glücklich und dabei zuschauen auch!

holt euch die Käpt'n Karaoke App auf's Smartphone!
... wei sie wirklich toll ist!

Oder klickt den Link für seine Songliste…

Mo 02.04.2018
19.00 Uhr
Musik   Die Deislers (Punk/ Aachen) + IDestroy (Garage Rock/ UK) presented by Punkfilmfest Berlin Booking

Die Deislersdoor 7 pm, show 8 pm (danach Strange Tunes On Monday)
Punkfilmfest Berlin in April!Die Deislers
"Eine Mischung aus Sportfreunde Stiller und Knochenfabrik!"
"Bisschen melodisch, bisschen asi!"
"Erst leihen Die Deislers jedem ihre Instrumente und dann machen die sich den Ruckes voll mit Bier."

“A lot of assumptions are made about us, like that we’ve been masterminded by some manager bloke, but that couldn’t be more wrong!” Let us introduce you to IDestroy – a group of feisty females from Bristol, ready to take on the world. Fiercely passionate and determined to prove themselves in the music industry, IDestroy have already revelled hard on tour and released a raw and powerful EP. But who exactly are these punk dynamos? We catch up with members of the band to talk all things party, punk and pretty much everything in-between!

You only have to be introduced to these ladies, to appreciate their vibe. Bec excitedly elucidates their timetables: “Becky is on her way to Paris to do an interview for a documentary about Rickenacker Basses. I’m off to ATP Festival in Prestatyn, and Jenn is lecturing at a music college!” This clearly isn’t a lethargic bunch – exceptionally dedicated to their music, IDestroy are a powerhouse of energy and enthusiasm, which will only benefit their careers. It would be a delight to see them go far; they deserve success.

Di 03.04.2018
20.30 Uhr
Lesung   LSD - Liebe Statt Drogen

Anschliessend: LAUT UND BILLIG - Der Wilde Gitarren Tresen
Micha, Volker, Uli, Tube, Spider, Ivo und Sascha präsentieren Geschichten, Lieder und Gäste.

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