Fr 27.04.2018
19.00 Uhr
Musik   Not Scientists (IndiePunk/France) + support prestend by Punkfilmfest Berlin Booking

Not Scientistsdoor 7 pm, show 8 pm ( from 10 pm with DJ)
Punkfilmfest Berlin in April! When their previous band decided to take a break, Jim and Ed decided to start a new one or their girlfriends would make them get real jobs. They asked Le Bazile to play drums, and for some reason he said yes. At this point they would have been a kickass trio but Jim decided to throw a wrench in the works and play guitar. Luckily, they found a big guy who would be perfect for making sure they got paid at the end of the night, and he also happens to play bass.
They sought to boldly blaze musical trails that had already been well traveled by Toys That Kill, One Man Army, Superchunk, and a lot of other bands with way cooler names.
2014 will see the release of their debut “Leave Stickers on our Graves” EP in February on Delete Your Favorite Records, mixed by Jamie McMann (NOFX, Dead to Me, Swingin' Utters), and a busy tour schedule throughout Europe and Canada including an appearance at Montreal's Pouzza Fest in May.
Fucked if we know. We're Not Scientists!

Mo 30.04.2018
19.00 Uhr
Musik   The Kendolls (Punkrock/ Schweden) + Mental Shackdown (50s Punk/ Berlin) presented by Punkfilmfest Berlin Booking

The Kendollsdoor 7 pm, show 8 pm (danach Strange Tunes On Monday)
Punkfilmfest Berlin in April! door 7 pm, show 8-10 pm, dj from 10 pm

Starting out in Gothenburg 2007, rock ‘n’ roll band The Kendolls quickly evolved into a hardworking, struggling and touring unit. Through playing filthy Spanish bars, urine stained floors in Hungary and festival stages in Germany, the band slowly earned the reputation as an intense and chaotic live act. The band was already doing a lot of independent touring outside of Scandinavia before signing with Alleycat Records in 2010.

The Kendolls’ debut album was released in the spring of 2011 and received excellent reviews in Scandinavia and Europe, followed by a European tour and shows with Gallows, The Bones, Eddie & the hot rods, Michael Monroe etc. In spring 2013 the band played 25 shows across Europe and released their second album “Dirty Dogma”. New drummer Kenneth and bassman Kosse joined the band and recorded a new EP in the end of 2013. New blood and talent resulted in an improved, harder sound, but still sustaining the raw nerve that defines the band. The Kendolls’ brand new EP “Diablo Gringo” will be released digitally and on vinyl spring 2014, followed up by a European tour in May. Get in the van, shut up and play til’ you bleed.
Garage Rockabilly - 50s Punk

Do 10.05.2018
19.00 Uhr
Musik   Bob Ross Effect (Punkrock/ Würzburg) + Gehwegschäden (canadian courier punks/Berlin) presented by Punkfilmfest Berlin Booking

door 7 pm, show 8 pm ( from 10 pm with DJ)
Bob Ross Effect
(Punkrock Würzburg)
(melodic Canadian Courier Punks)

Do 24.05.2018
19.00 Uhr
Musik   La kapelle (Seemannslieder aus Leipzig/Berlin) presented by Punkfilmfest Berlin Booking

la kapelledoor 7 pm, show 8 pm ( from 10 pm with DJ)

Die Wellen rufen...!
Wir brechen wieder auf...!

Verlasst euren Hafen! Wir sehen uns im Schokoladen! AHOI!

Fr 25.05.2018
19.00 Uhr
Musik   Westdead (Punkrock/ München) + DEATH BY HORSE (Punkrock/ Schweden) presented by Punkfilmfest Berlin Booking

door 7 pm, show 8 pm ( from 10 pm with DJ)
Was bedeutet das?

Das bedeute das die Band die Intensität und Überzeugung aus den frühen Punkrock-Tagen für sich entdeckt hat und nun mit druck- und gefühlvoller Hingabe raus lässt. Sie leben und lieben das was befreit, nämlich die Musik. Wie in den Anfängen des 77gern Punkrock bringen die Drei, dass im 21. Jahundert wieder auf die Bühne. In erster Linie musikalische und leidenschaftliche Eskalation. Zwischen rauen und aggressiven Gitarrenriffs und einer Prise Rock n´Roll werden auch postapokalyptische Klänge angeschlagen. Wer schwedische Punkrock mag wird diese Band lieben.

Im Januar 2018 nahmen WESTDEAD in den Studios Arstaberg in Stockholm ihre erste EP "once again" bei Hakan Sörle der auch der Gitarrist von The Baboon Show ist auf. Die Platte umfasst vier Songs. Enthalten sind die Titel Reigion Punkrock, My Closest Person, Story Of A White Man und Down At The Shipyards.

Here's some short info about "Death By Horse":

The debut album "This Too Shall Pass" was released in 2016. In one year they have played around Sweden and been support act for two of Swedens best, now playing, punkbands. They have allso been on tour through Europe, released three music videos and a documentary series.

Their musik is straight, honest and full of energy!

In 2017, they were nominated for "Newcomers of the Year" during the Manifest Gala in Sweden.

The second album will be released in the summer of 2018.

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